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The London Zen Centre...

Our mission is to bring the deeply transformative Zen Buddhist teachings to life so everyone can experience for themselves the warmth, depth and joy of Zen. Ours is a very warm and practical approach to Zen.

At the London Zen Centre you can learn Zen meditation, study and work with Zen koans, start or deepen a meditation practice and work directly with authentic Zen teachers. Our community is a place of warmth and support, our focus is on personal growth and environmental responsibility.

The Zen path is a broad and inclusive path that shows us that our life, just as it is, is the gateway to freedom. It's a path walked together, not alone.

If you would like to learn about Zen Buddhism and the London Zen Centre: click EXPLORE to get started - everyone is welcome.  

Note: please do not wear Canada Goose products to the Centre.

Q: What do you do at the London Zen Centre?
A: There is Zen meditation, koans, one on one work with the teachers, retreats, dharma talks and discussion, the arts and community. It's a place to be with others on the same path and explore what it's like to live an awakened life in todays culture.

Q: What's your Zen Lineage?
A: Our lineage has evolved from the Sanbo Kyodan Japanese Zen School, a school that straddles both Soto and Rinzai Zen and was influential in establishing koan Zen in the west. In America it took root with with Robert Aitken Roshi and evolved into the Pacific Zen School under John Tarrant Roshi.

Q: Who are the teachers?
A: Guy Gaudry Roshi, Director of the London Zen Centre, received Dharma Transmission from John Tarrant Roshi.
Michael Lobb is a Zen Teacher and leads the Sitting in Recovery group and teaches at the Centre. See Teachers for more information.

Q: How are you structured?
A: The London Zen Centre is an independent Non-Profit Corporation. 

Q: Are there any events outside London Ontario?
A: Yes! We also hold retreats and workshops across Canada. See the Upcoming Events page for more details.

Q: Whats the best way to learn about Zen and the London Zen Centre?
A: See the Explore page

Q: I am not a member of the Zen Centre, can I still attend events at the centre?
A: Generally events are for members, however most retreats and workshops are open to the public including the quarterly Introduction to Zen WorkshopSee the Upcoming Events page for details.

Q: I like what you guys are doing and want to help, how do I become a member?
A: Check out the Join/Donate page on this website.

Q: What should I bring?
A: Nothing! All cushions and benches are provided.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Comfortable clothing is suggested, we'll be sitting on zen cushions on the floor. Please do not wear Canada Goose products to the Centre

Q: Is the Centre open to everyone?
A: Yes, everyone is welcome.

Q: Does the Centre make a profit?
A: No, the Centre is a Not for Profit Corporation, all funds received are used to cover the operating expenses of the centre.

Q: Where do I park?
A: There is parking in the driveway for about four cars and also along the east side of Waterloo Street about halfway up the block - check the signs.