Here are a few ways to learn about Zen Buddhism and the London Zen Centre. Choose any (or all) the ways that work best for you. These first steps are small and easy but they lead to warm and open vistas.


Introduction to Zen Buddhism and the Centre

On Tuesday, January 7 (7-9pm), there is an Introduction to Zen and the Zen Centre.

We start with an introduction to personal growth, particularly in the context of Zen Buddhism and it's key practices: meditation, koans and individual work with a teacher

We will then cover the basics of sitting meditation, walking meditation, and offer a brief introduction to koan work. You will also get a chance to meet the Roshi (Zen master), other teachers and senior Zen students. We will end with an orientation to the London Zen Centre and next steps. Click below to register.


Book an introductory meeting with a teacher

You can book a private introductory meeting with a Teacher by reservation. The suggested donation is $50.


Introduction to Zen Buddhism and Personal Growth

This eight week class covers everything you need to develop a meditation practice in your life and also points to something even more fundamental - a way to experience and live in freedom and joy, no matter what the circumstances of your life. This is the path of Zen, and this class is a first step to discovering this for yourself. 

Wednesday evenings, Jan 8, 2020 to Feb 19, 2020


Zen Podcasts

Informal Dharma talks by Guy Gaudry Roshi on Zen practice and personal growth. Most of these talks were given at the Monday members’ night at the London Zen Centre.