Here are a few ways to learn about Zen Buddhism and the London Zen Centre. Choose any (or all) the ways that work best for you. These first steps are small and easy but they lead to warm and open vistas.


Intro Workshop

In this morning workshop the various forms of Zen practice (meditation, koans, art and individual work with the teacher) are presented. There will be Zen meditation instruction, koans, dharma talks, discussion and the warmth of community.

You will also learn about the London Zen Centre, its Zen lineage, and have the opportunity to meet the teachers (including the Roshi) and senior students at the Centre.

No experience is required and the workshop is open to everyone.

Light vegan snacks and beverages will be served. Cost: $39


Tuesday Orientation

On the first Tuesday of every month there is a free hour long orientation to the London Zen Centre. Basic Zen meditation and practice are outlined and there is a general orientation to the Centre. No registration is required. Just show up 7pm. Cheers!

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Book an introductory meeting with a teacher

You can book a private introductory meeting with a Teacher by reservation. The suggested donation is $50.