Mike Lobb London ON

A non-religious introduction to meditation and being awake to the present moment for those in recovery. A practice in living life on life’s terms. No membership required, open to any fellowship, any background, any or no faith. The group is meant as an introduction to meditation as well as a support for those exploring in this area. You are welcome to come once or come many times for sitting and discussion on the practice and how it relates to recovery from addiction.

More information here… Sitting in Recovery

Hamilton Zen Group

Chris LeBlanc Hamilton ON

Is Zen Meditation for you? I can only tell you why I love it. It’s a deeply transformational practice that brings you out of suffering and confusion and awakens you to deep intimacy with the world. I’ve always struggled with Who I am and where do I fit in; Zen practice is a path to explore the deepest yearnings of your heart.

More information here.… Hamilton Zen Group