Guy Gaudry, Roshi

After successfully training in Zen in a classical manner for 20 years I went on to study koans in a more expansive and integrative way, after which I received Dharma Transmission* from John Tarrant Roshi (in the line of Robert Aitken Roshi). I now teach Zen in this manner and am continuing to evolve the koan tradition by emphasizing personal growth and environmental responsibility.

I have a MBA from the Ivey Business School at Western University, studied Fine Arts at Sheridan College and have been a successful entrepreneur in the technology sector. I now direct the London Zen Centre and teach personal development to professionals and business leaders.

Guy’s Handcrafted Zen podcast

*In Rinzai-Zen, Inka Shōmei (Dharma Transmission) is ideally "the formal recognition of Zen's deepest realization", but practically it is being used for the transmission of the "true lineage" of the masters of the training halls. ~ source Wikipedia


Mike Lobb, Zen Teacher

Mike has been practicing meditation for a number of years and became a student at the London Zen Centre in 2015. Mike teaches Zen meditation, offers private meditation instruction on Monday member nights, and leads an introductory meditation group for those in recovery from addiction of any variety. The group explores the connection between a healthy recovery, meditation practice, and living life on life’s terms.

Sitting in Recovery

Mike is a native of London where he lives with his wife and children. He attended the University of Western Ontario and is a software system architect in the financial services sector. He is passionate about the outdoors and loves getting out into the wilderness whenever he can.


Tracy Shultis, Workshop Instructor

Tracy helps run and teach the Introduction to Zen workshops and classes. Tracy joined the Zen Centre in 2016. She has a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School and worked as a lawyer before getting a Teaching Certificate from Auckland, New Zealand where she lived for ten years. She came to London in 2002 with her husband and two daughters. She teaches high school English.


Kayla McLaughlin, Liaison

Kayla works as the liaison for the teachers at the Centre. She started practicing Zen in 2017 and holds a BA in philosophy from Western University. Kayla is passionate about literature, art, and enjoys playing guitar to pass the time.